The Fluorescent Minerals of the Franklin
and Sterling Mines
Sussex County, New Jersey 10/25/17—12/30/21

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Close up of Wollastonite (yellow) crystals on red calcite. Found at Franklin, NJ – Complete stone is 8 inches at the widest point, weight 5 pounds.
Green Willemite vein in Calcite and Franklinite Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, NJ
LW Sphalerite
Franklin Classic - Hardystonite (purple-blue), Chondrodite (orange – orange-yellow) Willemite(green) and Franklinite (NF)
Bands of green fluorescent Willemite.
Diopside Crystals 3 cm Limecrest Quarry, Sparta NJ
LW White Calcite. Calcite is know to fluoresce a number of different colors. Sterling Mine, Ogdensburg, NJ
Gorgeous Sphalerite crystals. Sterling Mine, NJ
A vein of Sphalerite and Willemite cuts thru a nonfluorescent matrix . Franklin, NJ
A brilliant green Willemite on blood red Calcite Specimen has been cut and polished. Sterling Mine in Ogdensburg, NJ