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Invertebrate Fossils of NJ


  Ammonites were hard shelled squid-like marine animals that existed from the Paleozoic to the end of the Cretaceous era when they suddenly became extinct. Some ammonite fossils bear intricate patterned details on their outer surface called sutures.  These are located beneath the external shell wall, and are often visible if the fossil has been subject to weathering or polishing. These patterns mark where the walls of the chambers and the outer wall of the shell meet.  In the streams of NJ we find mostly fragments of these chambers. The first one I found took a while for me to identify. A number a different species have been found in the NJ area.


Fossilized ammonite chamber.
This is the most common find in NJ


Surface sutures on a polished ammonite


Two chamber fragments still joined together,
 you can see how these chambers form the surface sutures.


This ammonite is about half complete
2 1/2 inches.
Monmouth County, NJ


An ammonite from Germany from my personal collection

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