How Small Are They


Not everyone enjoys microfossil collecting, but each to his own. I find it fascinating, there's a whole new fauna of little critters than will
only show up when using  a fine meshed screen.  Most people have no concept of just how small some of this unique group of fossils can
be. For this reason I've put together a short web page in the hopes of  giving the reader a better perspective on the size of some of the smaller

Scyliorhinus sp., commonly referred to as catshark are neat looking teeth but small.
You can get a feel for the actual size from the pictures on the left.
There's a small black dot on the right of the coin holder, that's a 1 mm catshark tooth.



Scyliorhinus sp.
Top - Eocene/Miocene
Bottom - Cretaceous



Mostly Cretaceous sand tiger teeth.
These show the typical size of micro shark teeth.


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