New Jersey MicroFossils
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Woodbury fish Belonostomus opt ff2
woodbury fish dercetid scale fff3
fish otoliths rs
brac dermal micros
micro+unknown scute rs
random cretaceous teeth
enchodus gladiolus
bry bluefilter
bryozan 2
sea urchin
mico mos rs
Squatina h plate 1 rs
anglr on coin
squal 1
sawfish oral
sawfish 12mm
ray vert
lissodus side
fish mouth plate
dermal scute
color balanced
borodini label
a small world
Odontaspis aculeatus
Nurse Shark
Abdounia recticona
for micro rs
heterodontus plate2 rs
Juvenile Goblin - 7 mm
symp micros
Gastropod - 5mm
Carcharias holmdelensis
Plate 1 rs
dasyatis dime 2 rs
finger rs
scyliorhinus wb rs
bone fish plate 1 rs
bonefish plate with replacement teeth
Woodbury Foraminifera vaginulina
foramininifera vincentown
Woodbury coral Trochocyathus woolmani
micracacia rs opt
Woodbury coral micrabacia
Micrabacia hilgardi plate 1 rs
ammonite septa
woodbury gastropod ringicula eq
micro Caestocorbula crassiplica
nuculana rs
lucina sp.
Xenophora leprosa
gastropod bornite rs
gastropod pyrite druze rs
hadrodus priscus main scale rs
fish scale unknown
Scomberomorus plate
Tautoga plate
fish2 usm rs
Cylindracanthus rostra fragment
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