Deer Lake PA.

Sept. 2010

After first checking out this Devonian site a few months back on our way home from St Clair Robert Badger and myself headed back to get a full days worth of collecting in. Compared to our first experience with this area we did not seem to be able to lock on to any real good productive spots. I do suspect that the recent lack of rain may have played a role in this.

  What was lacking in quantity was certainly made up by quality. Bob had the find of day with a rare pelecypod Phthonia sectifrons in just beautiful condition and I managed an unusual looking gastropod.

   While we were there we meet Andy (Redbrick) and his sons. They had been to a different location earlier in the day and we spent a considerable amount of time chatting and they were kind enough to unpack their earlier finds so we could get a peak.



Left to right: Tommy, Bob and Andy



A rare pelecypod Phthonia sectifrons





Brachiopod hash plate (
Tropidoleptus sp.)



A view of the Deer Lake fossil site


A special thanks to Dave (Shamalama) from the Fossil Forum for all of the identifications.   

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