Peace River Revisited

June 2012
Peace River, Florida

My First Complete Meg

This year’s vacation found us back at one of our favorite spots, Sanibel Island, FL. The Peace River is within driving distance from there and I was hoping to hook up with one of the local outfitters for a kayak trip but no luck. I scrounged up an old milk crate and some odds and ends from the hotel, a quick trip to one of the off island hardware stores and I was able to rig up a respectable sift. Once there I hooked up with one of the locals and we have a great day. I even ended up with my first complete Meg, admittedly a little beat up but complete. 



Peace River, Florida
Left - My first complete Meg
Right - Campgrounds near the river



   My haul for the day - the meg is towards the bottom of picture.
Hotel key card for scale.



Left - Dugong rib section (Metaxytherium floridanum), dugongs are close relatives of manatees.
Right - Turtle scutes



A Large turtle scute.



Left - Deer antler
  Right - Possibly part of the ankle of a three toed horse

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