"Stacking" Photographs

Like this website my photography is more of an evolution than a planned progression. With fossil pictures in mind, I’ve been experimenting with what is called “image stacking”. A simple explanation of this process is that several photographs are shot in a series with the focus slightly changing with each picture. These are then run thru a computer software stacking program which will align (most times) and merge the individual pictures into one focused image. Depth of field is the amount of distance between the nearest and farthest objects or points that appear in acceptably sharp focus. The closer one gets to an object the less the depth of field, image stacking is one solution to this problem.


Fossil barnacle - Miocene
This stack of 6 images was the first one I felt came out decently.
Keeping the pictures in align is imperative, a quality tripod is well worth
the investment.


The stacking software was originally developed for microscope work and macro

Micro fossils - Monmouth County, NJ
Left - Squatina hassei
Right - Lonchidion babulskii




An assortment stacked photographs

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