Year End 2009


Some miscellaneous photographs to close out 2009. 



Galeocerdo eaglesomei
Age - Eocene
As far as I can determine the first report of this species being found
in NJ was by Steve B. in 2007.



Crocodile scute
Age - Cretaceous



Isurus praecursor lateral
Age - Eocene



Top left -  Anterior Hemipristis serra
Calvert Cliffs, MD
Top Right - Upper anterior cow shark (Notorynchus sp)
Bottom - Xiphodolamia ensis



Top row
Hemipristis serra
Galeocerdo contortus with pyrite replacement
Bottom row
Alopias latidens
Xiphodolamia ensis


Archaeolamna kopingensis
Age - Cretaceous 
Just shy of an inch, this is one of larger teeth of this species
I've found.


Carcharocles auriculatus
I can't really call this one a heartbreaker as it's not broken, the
root is just poorly fossilized.
I estimate this tooth would have been in the 3" range if complete.


Sand tigers
Carcharias cuspidata


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