FINDS - A Few Cretaceous Teeth


This winter has just been brutal, seems like an endless mixture of snow and bitterly cold weather that's pretty well eliminated any chance for collecting. I've been sorting thru some of my better teeth and snapped a few pictures. While these are all common Cretaceous teeth it's the condition/color or size that sets them apart.



Lateral Scapanorhynchus texanus
Monmouth County, NJ.

One of my favorite teeth - just plain mean looking cusps.


Anterior Scapanorhynchus texanus.

The tooth on the right was found with just the crown sticking out. The complete
tooth was exposed using a dental pike and the matrix stabilized with an Elmer's glue
and water mixture.



First row: Archaeolamna kopingensis, Cretolamna appendiculata,
Paranomotodon angustidens

 Second row: Squalicorax pristodontus, Squalicorax kaupi, S. texanus


Some of my larger teeth.

Anterior Scapanorhynchus texanus.



Sawfish rostral
Ischyrhiza mira

This is the only one I've ever found with a light colored root.

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