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Whale Jaw Section with Scavenger Tooth Marks 04/21/17
Second NJ dolphin vert 01/08/17
Cretaceous trip 05/15/2016
Indian axe - my nicest artifact 02/15/16
St Clair trip Spring 2015 09/2015
NJ Dolphin Vert. 04/18/2014
Some of My Best Cretaceous Teeth 03/2014
Year of the Dragon -2012 02/13
Peace River Revisited 06/2012
(My first complete Meg)
Stacking Photographs 02/18/12
Mosasaur Tooth 01/2012
fish tail vertebrae 12/26/2011
Kayaking the Chesapeake Bay Oct. 2011
Cretaceous New Jersey Turtle April 9, 2011
Petrified wood from Delaware March, 2011
A three part story on Red Hill PA. 11/2010
     Red Hill Trip report
     DVPS Red Hill newsletter article
     Donating to the ANSP
Otodus from the Potomac 10/2010
Deer Lake 10/2010
Vert from Calvert Cliffs identified 09/02/2010
A trip to Peace River, Florida  06/2010
Deer Lake PA. 04/2010
DVPS St Clair trip 04/2010
A fossil sea urchin found by Robert Badger 03/13/2010
Finally identified, Enchodus ferox  lateral tooth 02/10/2010
Pathological Squalicorax pristodontus 01/14/2010
Odds and Ends for the year 2009
Gastropods including a photo gallery Aug. 2009
Jasper point and colonial pipe stem July 2009
Galeocerdo symphyseal  05/30/09
Matoaka Cottages, Maryland (South of Calvert Cliffs) 04/09
Squalodon (Toothed Whale) 04/10/09
Calvert Cliffs trip 03/09



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