Year of the Dragon -2012

  A busy year, thought I'd wrap it up by sorting thru some of last years photographs
I never got around to posting.



Red Hill, PA.
A. Large fish scale (unknown species)
B. Impression of a Hyneria lindae tooth (lobe-finned fish)

Red Hill is a Late Devonian (Famennian Stage) fresh water fossil site located in
central Pennsylvania.


A nice chunk of petrified  wood from Odessa Delaware.
The original site has been developed, but permission to search the farm fields
across the street can be obtained by various fossil clubs.

The wood is a cypress and there is some debate as to the age (Miocene?).
Scale in inches


Calvert Cliffs summer 2012
The large shell on the right is Panopea sp.
Choptank Formation


Cow Shark
Notorynchus sp.

Monmouth County, NJ


Left -Xiphodolamia ensis anterior
Right - Isurus praecursor
Age - Eocene
Monmouth County, NJ


Cretaceous coral steinkerns.

I've developed an interest in both the corals and bryozoans in our area this past year
and will be going into more detail once my research is finished.
As of this writing these two specimens of coral are unidentified.  
Age - Upper Cretaceous
Monmouth County, NJ
Scale 5 mm = 0.197 in



Dysnoetopora celleporoides(?) 

Age - Upper Cretaceous
Monmouth County, NJ
A delicate looking bryozoans. 

Identification by Dr Paul D. Taylor
Natural History Museum, UK


Top row left to right:
Scapanorhynchus texanus - Upper Cretaceous
Isurus praecursor lateral - Eocene
Bottom Row
left to right:
Eostriatolamia holmdelensis aka C. holmdelensis - Upper Cretaceous
Odontaspis hardingi - Upper Cretaceous



 A few new display cases this year, the lighted case on the right is just for inverts from the
Calvert Cliffs area.
The cases on the left were made from a couple of old picture frames.


I've posted this picture before but without the explanation it deserves. This
photograph was taken one hot summer morning as a friend and I were hiking to
a collecting spot. The boarders of an open field were alive with these wild lilies in full
bloom. I've made the same trek numerous times since that day and have yet to witness
 a repeat of that dazzling display .

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