Tertiary Gastropods

Aug. 2009

Tertiary gastropods is not a subject I ever gave much thought to in the past. The collecting in my area
 (Monmouth County, NJ)
 is usually limit to a few internal casts or molds which are normally pretty busted up.

I've recently developed an interest in this area and decided to post pictures of some of my collection.

Note: This page is not intended as an aid to identification.



Internal casts/molds
Monmouth County, NJ


Some larger gastropods from Calvert Cliffs, MD

(Click on the green icon for a larger view)
This is something new I am planning for the rest of the website.


Calvert County, MD


The remainder of this page is devoted to Miocene gastropods from
The Netherlands.

These were all collected by my friend Age Kramer.

This is one of my favorites. It never ceases to amaze me how something
so delicate manages to survive intact for so many millions of years.

20mm, roughly 3/4's of an inch.

I've included the rest of the pictures in a photo gallery.

Link to photo gallery


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