New Jersey Coelacanth
Found February 2017

Diplurus newarki (Bryant, 1934)
 Late Triassic
 Lockatong Formation
  North Bergen, New Jersey

I meet some new friends and found this unusually well preserved  example of the coelacanth Diplurus newarki in a bunch of lose shale I collected
at the end of the day from a great trip to northern New Jersey. I actually found the fish a couple of weeks later when I finally got around to cleaning the mud encrusted shale I had set aside.
A special thanks to Fossildude19, JefferyP and njfossilhunter from The Fossil Forum for inviting me along and especially
Ptychodus04 for the excellent prep work.



Diplurus newarki

Diplurus newarki - 9 cm
North Bergen, New Jersey


Before and after prep images.
About half the fish was still covered in a hard shale. After a good deal of study I was pretty sure the
tail was there and sent it off to be professionally prepped.
Prepping was done with an air scribe under a microscope.