Commonality Descriptions


For the purposes of this website the commonality of a particular species or genus is limited to New Jersey and is based on personal experience. The condition of a specimen is not a factor, as long as it is identifiable it is counted. This index is just a guide and may be helpful in identification.

Abundant - Normally find several in a single trip

Very Common Normally find one or more in an outing.

Common May require a few trips.

Uncommon - More likely to be found if you collect on a regular basis.

Very Uncommon - These turn up every once in awhile, a notch above scarce, definitely findable.

Scare A hit or miss item, may require several years of serious collecting.

Rare Only a few have been found.

Micro* I use this to indicate a species too small to be found using the standard inch mesh screening.

Location specific Only found at certain locations.

* I'll be changing this to include the actual commonality e.g. Micro - Common