Microfossil Storage


I store my micros by location, with that in mind here are a few storage containers I've found
useful or not so useful.

Gem Jars

This one is a bit pricey, but it's just perfect for micros. I only use these
for my best specimens.

Bead Storage

There is a seemingly unlimited number of different and reasonably priced
bead storage cases. Any of the craft stores carry these.

Bead Containers

These come in different sizes and shapes at a low cost. Clear containers
make it easier to see the contents. I like the shorter ones as they'll fit
easily under a microscope.

Hinged Trading Card Holders

These are one of my favorites. A little pricey but are real nice for
use with a microscope. This is a 15 card holder, one of many available


Magnifying  Plastic Boxes

These sound great but the magnification is useless, just an expensive
plastic box as far as I'm concerned


The Basics

Coin holders and small plastic bags help keep everything

Quick Word on Coin Holders

I recently started using quarter coin holders that are self
adhesive and I like them better. No more staples, downside
is cost and reusability.

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