The Boney Fishes

Misc Fossils

 With a few exceptions the fossil remains of the boney fishes  in New Jersey tend to be small scrappy material. Iíve created this section as kind of a catch all, a place for some of the fish material Iíve collected over the years.


Small unidentifiable fish verts are abundant, most are probably Encodus.


Left - A box of fish vertebrae.
Most fish vertebrae are small and will pass through the standard
 1/4 inch mess screen.
Right - An unusually well preserved fish vertebra.

Monmouth County, NJ


Fish scale.
Definitely worth viewing the larger image of this specimen.
Wenonah formation


These mouth plates are very common but to my knowledge have never been
properly identified.



Top row
Fish scale (identified by Dr. Earl Manning)
Possible Pharyngeal Teeth(?)

Bottom row
Fish spines
No clue


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