Phylum mollusca is now by class and has been completely redone.

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12/18/16 - Teleost section has been divided by time period.
The following have been added:
 Scomberomorus sp.
Thunnus sp.
Pogonias sp.
Tautoga sp.
sp. 01/08/17

Microfossil photo gallery has been completely redone. I will be making additions to that section
in the coming months.
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Description Cat. Link Date
Sea Urchin page updated Inverts 10/22/17

Three-toothed Puffer fish Triodon antiquus page added

Fish 07/30/17
Favorite Finds Photo Gallery   05/13/17
Ghost Shrimp name change - Mesostylus mortoni   05/13/17
Northern New Jersey Coelacanth Fish 05/06/17
Whale Jaw With Bite Marks Trips 04/21/17
Abdounia recticona page added Sharks 04/16/17
Heterodontus page added Sharks 04/16/17
Favorite Finds Photo Gallery   03/14.17
Anomotodon novus page updated Sharks 02/25/17
Second dolphin vert Trips 01/08/17
chimaera page updated Fish 01/08/17
Ptychotrygon page updated Rays 01/02/17
Squatina page updated Sharks 12/18/16
Common Thresher -Alopias latidens updated Sharks 12/18/16
Tope shark - Galeorhinus ypresiensis page added Sharks 11/15.16
Extinct Houndshark - Pachygaleus lefevrei page added Sharks 11/15.16
New Cretaceous Scleractina  corals page   07/01/16
Favosites coral moved to new page   07/01/16
Whiptail stingray - Dasyatis sp. page added   06/11/16
Enchodus - New combined page   06/11/16
St Clair Ferns Photo Gallery added   06/11/16
Cretaceous trip   05/15/16
Cretaceous Sawfish Ischyrhiza mira updated   05/04/16
Physogaleus secundus page updated   04/22/16
Tertiary catshark Scyliorhinus sp. added   04/22/16
Sand Tiger Hypotodus verticalis added   04/22/16
Chiloscyllium greeni  page added   02/19/16
Isurus retroflexus page added   02/19/16
Indian axe - artifact - trips and finds   02/15/16
St. Clair Trip 2015   08/20/15
Rhinobatos casieri page updated   05/14/15
Ptychotrygon page updated   05/14/15
Catshark Scyliorhinus sp. page added   04/04/15
Archaeolamna kopingensis page updated   04/04/15
Cretolamna appendiculata page updated   04/04/15
Protolamna borodini page updated   04/04/15
Meristodonoides page updated   02/05/15
Hybodus now Meristodonoides   02/04/15
Carcharias samhammeri page updated   02/01/15
Scapanorhynchus texanus page updated   01/31/15
Squalicorax Bassanii page added   01/27/15
Squalicorax sp. page updated   01/25/15
Squalicorax kaupi now Squalicorax Lindstromi   01/25/15
Sea Urchin page added   01/15/15
Choristothyris sp. updated   01/15/15
NJ Dolphin Vert.   04/18/14
Foraminifera page added   04/12/14
Carcharias holmdelensis now Eostriatolamia holmdelensis   04/12/14
Pachyrhizodus sp. (fish) page added   04/01/14
Xiphactinus page added   03/13/14
Paralbula casei page updated   03/13/14
Some of My Best Cretaceous Teeth   03/01/14
Cylindracanthus page added   01/05/14
Paralbula casei plate   08/15/13
Alopias superciliosus page added   07/28/13
Paranomotodon angustidens page updated   07/28/13
Sphyrna laevissima page updated   07/28/13
Jaeckelotodus trigonalis page added   03/14/13
Some pics from 2012   02/21/13